What Exactly is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic plastic surgery with the purpose of enhancing or enlarging the size and shape of one’s breasts through the placement of synthetic prosthetic devices known as breast implants.  Breast augmentation is an extremely popular type of plastic surgery procedure in the United States, ranking third in the number of procedures performed after liposuction and rhinoplasty respectively.

Benefits and Surveys Concerning Breasts Surgeries

The benefits of breast augmentation are obvious.  Breasts are a focal point of the female body, and are important in a woman’s feeling of her own femininity and sexuality.  Thus, when that woman possesses breasts that may be too small and disproportionate with the rest of her body, or if her breasts are asymmetrical, or if her breasts have lost their size and shape after the rigors of aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, it is only natural that they feel insecure about their femininity and sexuality, which will affect their overall self-esteem and confidence. 

According to a survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the overwhelming reasons that women choose to undergo breast augmentation is to look better without (91%) or with (83%) clothes, and to generally feel better about themselves (83%).  Breast augmentation is a relatively safe and effective cosmetic procedure that is well established.  That same survey revealed that 92% of breast augmentation patients were pleased with their decision to undergo breast augmentation, and that 93% would recommend it to their friends and family members!