What is Laser Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic laser surgery might sound like a futuristic procedure from a science fiction novel written by Joan Rivers upon first glance, but the procedure is actually very common among men and women worldwide.  Cosmetic laser surgery has revolutionized the plastic surgery industry by simplifying many plastic surgery procedures but at the same time making the procedure safer, and most importantly, producing significantly better results on a more consistent basis.

Cosmetic laser surgery can be applied to many facets of plastic surgery.  Cosmetic laser surgery utilizes a finely controlled beam of high-energy light.  Thus, the use of lasers allows the plastic surgeon to make changes to tissue without actually putting a knife to it with a much greater precision.

Common Laser Surgery Procedures

The most common application of cosmetic laser surgery is for the face, particularly the removal of any unwanted flaws and blemishes.  Similar to how chemical peels work, cosmetic laser surgery can be used to remove acne, scars, wrinkles, and other unwanted superficial blemishes on the skin. 

Cosmetic laser surgery is powerful enough these days to even remove tattoos, birthmarks, and skin lesions like ‘spider veins’, warts, and boils.  In addition, cosmetic laser surgery is used in laser hair transplants procedure by preparing the area on the head where hair transplants will be positioned.