What's Behind the Highly Varying Prices of Plastic Surgery

If you have been out hunting for Prices for plastic surgery, you have probably found that prices for plastic surgery are quite variable.  Why is that? 

There are many factors that contribute to the considerable variability that can be found among prices for plastic surgery prices.  Probably the most significant factor in the variability of prices for plastic surgery is the cost of the plastic surgeon.  Granted, there are hundreds, if not thousands of plastic surgeons operating in the nation, and just like any profession, you have your plastic surgeons that are considered the premier professionals in their business obviously, they will have higher prices for plastic surgery services.  Conversely, you will have plastic surgeons that have yet to establish themselves (perhaps just starting out) they will usually have lower plastic surgery prices.  Also, there are plastic surgeons out there who are not certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which is detrimental to the validity of their practice.  To offset this, they will usually have even lower plastic surgery prices.

Rock bottom costs VS. sky high pricing for procedures

Another contributing factor is location.  Prices for plastic surgery are typically higher in large metropolises compared to suburban to rural areas.  This is because that plastic surgery services in major cities are in greater demand in lieu of a higher population, and general greater social acceptance of plastic surgery.  New York City has the highest prices for plastic surgery in the nation! 

And the last major contributor of plastic surgery is the individual nature of each procedure.  This is more relevant to surgical procedures, where the plastic surgery procedure will differ for every individual.  Such factors that will contribute to prices of plastic surgery for each individual is the length and complexity of procedure; whether anesthetics will be used; operating room fee, and whether an overnight stay is warranted.