Facelift Prices and Costs

The main thing that deters the majority of people from obtaining a face lift is the cost for face lifts.  The cost of face lift is among the most expensive of any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure!  But the benefits that a face lift can give you can be priceless, which begs the questions: What really is the true cost for face lifts?  A face lift can take of years off from your actual age, making you look younger, more radiant, and generally more physically appealing.  This is why facelifts have traditionally been a popular cosmetic procedure for many years among both men and women.  Monetarily speaking, a face lift in America can cost you anywhere from around $6,000 to over $12,000! 

What Determines Pricing?

The highly variable cost of face lift is most influenced by the plastic surgeonís fee.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the national average surgeonís fee for face lifts in 2004 was $4,822.  Clearly, a more experienced and reputable plastic surgeon will charge significantly more than a less experienced surgeon.  Also, the cost for face lifts will also depend on how extensive and complicated the procedure will be.

A leading cosmetic surgery source, Smart Plastic Surgery.com, has estimated that the total average cost of face lift in the nation is $8,500.   From this, about $5,000 goes towards the surgeons fee, $1,200 towards the anesthesiologist, and $2,300 towards the facility fees and the overnight stay in the hospital.