What Makes Up the Cost for Tummy Tuck Procedures?

Just like any other cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, the cost for tummy tucks can range extensively based on different factors.  Some of the factors that will influence tummy tuck cost are the quality of plastic surgeon performing the tummy tuck (a more experienced and established plastic surgeon will charge more on their surgeonís fee than a less established surgeon); the location of that surgeonís practice (cost for tummy tuck can vary from city to city, and state to state); the extent of tummy tuck required (i.e. full tummy tuck versus mini tummy tuck, and additional tummy tuck costs such as anesthesiologist fees, facility fees. 

Also, it is very common to have liposuction performed during tummy tuck procedures to remove excessive fat around the abdominal area.   As with any other major cosmetic surgical operations, the best bet to get a fairly precise cost for tummy tuck is through meeting and consulting with a plastic surgeon directly.  Is it in person that the plastic surgeon can examine you to determine the extent of tummy tuck required.

Average Prices for Tummy Tucks

According to the a popular abdominoplasty source Ė Smart Plastic Surgery.com, the cost for tummy tuck in the United States will range from anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000.  The average price for tummy tuck is estimated to be approximately $6,400.  Of that total cost, about $500 goes towards anesthesiologist fees, $700 towards facility fees, and $4,200 towards the surgeonís fee.  According to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, the average surgeon fee for tummy tucks in 2004 was $4,505.