Nose Job Rhinoplasty Explained

A ‘nose job’ is the layman’s term for rhinoplasty, a cosmetic plastic surgery aimed to enhance the appearance of one’s nose.  The nose is a central component to any face, as it accentuates the other features of your face.  The nose can accentuate the allure in your eyes, the playfulness of your mouth, the sensuousness of your lips, and the elegance of your hairstyle. 

The nose is such a critical feature that even a slight change can lead to a dramatically different profile of your face.  This is why nose jobs are such popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.  Currently, the nose job is the most requested plastic surgery procedure following only liposuction in overall popularity – according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 305,000 nose job rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2004 in the United States! 

The Surgical Procedure In Detail

A nose job typically takes from one to three hours to complete.  The nose job surgical procedure consists of restructuring and reshaping the cartilage and bone of the nose to produce the desired shape.  You can basically do anything with nose job rhinoplasty – increase or decrease the size of your nose, make the nose tip skinnier or flatter, or reposition the angle of your nose!  Nose jobs have significantly improved the appearance of countless individuals as the nose is optimally reshaped to go inline with the rest of that person’s facial features!