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    • Surgeons warn teens not to get liposuction in: Liposuction Surgeons Tag(s):

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      Teens right now are so drawn to getting cosmetic surgery makeovers. Influenced heavily by the media which promotes size-zero models and super skinny stars, it is not surprising that teens want their graduation or birthday gifts to be a nip here and a tuck there.

      However, parents should be aware that teen cosmetic surgery is something that is tainted with a lot of controversies, considering that certain procedures need to be performed at a later time to insure optimum results.  And it seems that one of the procedures that belong to that category is liposuction. Plastic surgeons said so.

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    • Young women seek labiaplasty in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

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      According to Dr. Colin Moore, a leading cosmetic surgeon in Australia, more and more young women are embracing vaginal rejuvenation surgery, also known as labiaplasty.

      Moore’s expertise in performing labiaplasty has been honed for more than 30 years and she couldn’t help but notice the change in the type of women opting for the procedure to reduce the inner vaginal lips. There has been, as Moore said, a dramatic change in the trend in the past decade.

    • Do non-surgical facial treatments really work? in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

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      Since the advent of revolutionary techniques in cosmetic treatment, women are now trying to lift their faces the non-surgical way. For women who are scared of scalpels and incisions, the new techniques and procedures are a welcome change. By opting for procedures that stimulate collagen growth using lasers, infra-red light, and radiofrequency waves, women can now get the look they’ve been dying to have minus the scars and long recovery time.

    • Physician opens surgery center for vaginoplasty in: Liposuction Surgeons Tag(s):

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      Despite the controversies surrounding vaginal repair, plastic surgeon Christopher Warner went on and opened his very own Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Washington. It was a tough move considering that many people, including other plastic surgeons, don't approve of promoting procedures that may challenge medical orthodoxy.

      Warner, a 39-year-old board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, believes that he is building a business as the first area physician to perform controversial procedures that use a laser to enhance sexual gratification by repairing tissue damaged by childbirth. Also, these procedure aim to give women a youthful aesthetic look or to make those who are not virgins appear to be as such.

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