August 2007 Articles

    • Full face lift - not the solution in: Facial Surgeons Tag(s):

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      A very important discovery that would help us understand that what we need to address facial aging may not be a full face lift.

      It is already a common practice that whenever you want to get rid of your wrinkles, you immediately opt for a full face lift. But doing whole facelift may not be the answer as what the findings published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery suggest.

      Dr. Joel Pessa of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas is the study’s lead author. Dr. Pessa says that everyone believed face fat is one confluent mass, which eventually gets weighed down by gravity, creating sagging skin.

    • Lasers aid in making skin rejuvenation more effective in: Facial Surgeons Tag(s):

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      Lasers have been users for years in various medical settings. Whether it is just a simple operation to entirely delicate procedures, lasers have always been one of the doctor’s powerful tool to carry out the task.

      In the area of facial cosmetic surgery, lasers play a big role in making skin resurfacing highly effective.

      The latest laser technology has been used to fade age spots and smooth out wrinkles. Skin rejuvenation has never been this effective without the help of the laser technology. And considering the fact that the latest models of lasers are gentler on the skin, and promote faster recovery time, facial surgeons and patients alike are thrilled with the current developments.

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