The maximum benefit: Combined Cosmetic Procedures

  • Monday October 9, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

    Because of a person’s desire for a ‘total makeover’ or one’s hectic schedule would dictate, “getting more done in one sitting” is a clamor of late of some persons contemplating on having cosmetic surgery.

    But ‘a number of surgeries performed together at one time on a person’ is not quite a fixated trend – not yet.  Patients cannot possibly demand as much as qualified cosmetic surgeons are not always recommending this rather nippy approach to improving one’s appearance.             

    Perhaps ‘combined cosmetic procedures’ method is attributed to the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery.  When previously people are wary of having to go through the knife, the advent of least invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures made things effortless – for both the surgeon and the patient.  You see, cosmetic surgery clinics today make sure that they have the latest issues of magazines and updated iPod folders for the convenience of their liposuction clients.              

    With new and certainly more effective cosmetic surgery techniques and technologies being developed, the number of ‘combined cosmetic procedures’ operation is increasing.  For one, improvements in surgical techniques and anesthesia safety have made combined procedures routine uncomplicated and painless. Qualified patients can now enjoy the benefits of having only one recovery period and sooner gratification.

    However, like all cosmetic operations, a combination of surgical procedures should be individualized for the particular patient.  Experts has this advice:   

    The most important step in determining a patient's appropriateness for multiple procedures is to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon. After thoroughly evaluating a patient’s medical history, physical condition and aesthetic needs, the plastic surgeon will help the patient to formulate a plan to achieve his or her goals safely.

    A “total makeover” approach to combined cosmetic surgery is performing subtle operations to several areas rather than doing dramatic improvements in one anatomic area.  Also, this method is likely to achieve a more natural result, all the more giving the patients the maximum benefit.  

    Combined Facelift, Eyelid Surgery and Dermabrasion

    For example, to achieve the maximum rejuvenation, a complete facial plastic surgery may consists of a facelift combined with eyelid surgery and possibly laser resurfacing.  If so, most patients would prefer to do these procedures together at one time.   

    Combined Nose Surgery and Chin Implant  

    For example, when changing the proportions of the face, rhinoplasty alone cannot achieve desired results.  Instead patients may benefit from a combined chin implant and a smaller nasal reduction. This may improve the proportions of the face and result in a more ideal aesthetic outcome.

    Combined Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

    A combined breast lift and tummy tuck is usually sought by women to reverse the changes that have occurred in their bodies caused by multiple pregnancies and aging.  If needed, a power-assisted liposuction around the waist and thighs helps to put the finishing touches.  

    Meanwhile, it is reassuring to know that ‘combined cosmetic procedures’ is safe.  A recently published a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal verified that the complication rate for procedures combined with tummy tucks is not higher than for single procedure operations.

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