Cutting-edge skin treatment: Clear Light Acne Therapy

  • Friday December 22, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

    Cutting-edge treatments prove that lasers may just be the answer to flawless skin.  Yes, the pursuit of perfect skin has taken a dramatic turn.  Light has emerged as a hot commodity in high-tech skincare and makeup, invigorating lackluster complexions and masking facial imperfections.  Today, the laser treatments, called non-ablative resurfacing, incorporate light to solve common skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, sagging skin and hyper-pigmentation without the discomfort of injections and harsh chemicals.  

    For this technological breakthrough called Clear Light Acne Therapy, credit goes to a photobiologists who observed that sun exposure (especially during the summer months) diminishes acne.  He then sought to isolate harmful UVAa and UVB rays to come up with a blue light that stops acne-causing bacteria in their tracks.  

    Clear Light's Acne PhotoClearing technology uses intense wavelength light to penetrate the skin's tissues and eliminate acne bacteria.  Unlike conventional methods that involve extraction, pricking and peeling, a patient lies comfortably on a bed while being exposed to this therapeutic light for 10 to 20 minutes.  This treatment is described as painless and relaxing, only imparting a warm sensation on the skin due to the intense heat.

    Unlike with Photorejuvenation, a patient won’t see the effect of Clear Light until m uch later, more so for people with bad acne.  Clear Light involves a series of sessions, typically twice a week for four weeks.  This is the reason why this type of treatment is being offered on a package basis (usually 10 sessions), hence it is a bit more costly than a prick-and-peel session.  

    While Clear Light has been proven to be effective, proper toning and moisturizing should not be neglected.  Lastly, people who are sun-sensitive should consult with their physician first before trying out this treatment.  

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