La Vida of America’s Liposuction Fixation

  • Tuesday July 18, 2006 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

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    While France was toying with the feasibility of a strident aesthetic procedure, the state of New Jersey was busy tending the gardens, not giving a hoot about shedding.  But Vida T. Vida, M.D. was determined to ruffle some feathers in her town, with the bravado of a saintly visionary armed with a world-shaking message.  

    So she studied like a wraith in France, with the legendary surgeon who started it all, Dr Yves-Gerard Illouz. When her mentor invented the historic procedure, she was quick to spread the good news. This inevitably earned her the distinction of being the select ones who imported liposuction from Europe to the United States.

    French new wave if one will, but in any case, New Jersey was more than ecstatic. Once home, Dr. Vida tried her newly gained knowledge on her fellow citizens, with positive results.  

    In time, she aptly founded The New Jersey Society of Cosmetic Surgery. The Liposurgery Center of New Jersey was also her initiative.  

    The medical director of Vida Skin & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Vida is a Board Certified Dermatologic Surgeon with over twenty years of exceptional experience, especially in the field of liposuction surgery. Her dermatology and dermatologic surgery training was completed at Johns Hopkins University. Meanwhile, her dermatologic and cosmetic surgery training was at New York University Medical Center, where she also served as an assistant professor.

    For her expertise, Dr. Vida has been tapped to lecture on the subject of liposuction across the globe. She is among the ranks of seven organizations, including the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and International Society for Liposuction Surgery.

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