Facial Plastic Surgery Evaluation

  • Wednesday June 7, 2006 | Posted in: Facial Surgeons

    Any, if not all facial plastic surgeons would claim to provide the highest quality facial plastic surgery services as well as talk big about their trainings, expertise, and experience.  But all these assertions need not sway you to jump into decision. 

    And we bet no one is betting on any surgery without ado.  When it comes to facial plastic surgery, it pays to be trivial and skeptical.  Meanwhile, you should understand that every face is different and every patient has different needs.  Every surgery must be “tailor-fitted” for each patient, hence it is rare for facial surgeons to ever do the same facial surgical procedure twice.  

    Everyone contemplating on going through a facial plastic surgery procedure wonders – both in apprehension and excitement - on how the final results would look like.  You have to come ‘face to face’ with this seemingly life-changing question -- “What will I look like after my facial plastic surgery procedure?” Asking this question could very well be your most important consideration. 

    Here then lies the importance of evaluation, which essentially is all about the important aspects of your facial surgery.  It is an opportunity to communicate with your facial surgeon and his or her staff and perhaps validate your impressions that this is the clinic that you can trust.  More significantly, the preoperative evaluation allows your facial surgeon to learn something about you, what you would like changed and – again - how you would like to appear at the end of surgery. 

    Facial surgical results depend on a variety of factors, including underlying bone structure, texture of your skin, and your personal healing capacity, however computer imagery can give you an approximation of the measure of improvement you can expect.  This technique involves having your face photographed with a video camera linked to a computer.  The image is then transferred to the screen with a high-resolution monitor and with an input device, expertly changed showing you what you might look like after facial plastic surgery procedure.

    Preoperative sessions may also tackle the surgical procedures and information relating to each procedure along with the risks.  Following a thorough medical history, your facial surgeon will advise you as to anesthesia options, the surgical facility being used, any addition surgery options, and the cost of the procedure.  Your surgeon may also suggest other surgery options, in order to enhance your overall appearance.
    At the end of this evaluation, you are for the first time in a position to answer the following questions: Do I really want to have this surgery? Do I like this facial surgeon, and do I trust this clinic to do that surgery? Do I understand and accept the risks that this procedure involves?

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