This surgeon emphasizes the importance of the front hairline

  • Thursday October 19, 2006 | Posted in: Hair Transplant Surgeons

    The importance of creating a natural front hairline cannot be over-emphasized. This one area of the transplant will be the overriding factor, above all others, by which you judge the quality of your hair transplant result.

    This is according to Dr. Michael Beehner, co-editor of the Hair Transplant Forum International, the principal journal of hair surgery in the world.  

    Dr. Beehner, a pioneer in the use of the "frontal forelock concept" for the extremely bald male cited 'Four Key Aspects' involved with creating the front hairline: The height of the hairline; The contour of the hairline; The "micro-contouring" of the hairline; and, The acute angling of hairs and the absence of “pitting”
    The height of the hairline
    In deciding where to best place the hairline, these factors are taken into account:  the anatomy of the patient’s forehead and skull; the position of the side “temple” hair; the age of the patient; and, the wishes of the patient – as some patients want their hairline a little higher while others will request for it to be as low as possible.

    The contour of the hairline
    A gently flared contour works best in most men. In women, the receded front-temporal angle should be shallower than in men.  A hairline that is too “flat” or too perfectly round looks very unnatural.
    Also, there is a certain overall sweep and shape to the hairline’s shape that is critical in its appearing natural later on.  For example, women needed a sweep of the hairline down into the temple areas.  

    The "micro-contouring" of the hairline
    No amount of naturalness at the hairline’s edge will make up for the poor job of choosing the height or the contour (shape) of a particular patient’s hairline.

    The hairs in the front half-inch breadth of the hairline should be aligned and spaced.  This is the task that distinguishes a great hair transplant from a mediocre one; even it can be the most important artistic challenge for any hair surgeon.
    The acute angling of hairs and the absence of "pitting"
    Critical to achieving a hairline that looks totally natural are the angle at which the hairs are placed and the absence of "pitting."

    Hairs should be placed at a fairly acute angle, appearing to "overlap" one another.  This will give the best appearance of density.  Hairs placed at an acute angle also sweep naturally in whichever direction the patient chooses and are easier to style.  

    More on Dr. Michael Beehner
    All of these areas were put together by Dr. Beehner in the landmark article, "Nomenclature Proposal for the Zones and Landmarks of the Balding Scalp," published in Dermatologic Surgery (2001).
    It was the first time that a coherent system for citing the importance of a natural front hairline was issued.  It is now being followed by all of the hair surgeons and dermatologists worldwide.  

    Dr. Beehner also has done important research on the affect of "limited-depth recipient sites" on hair growth and studies on “stretch-back" in scalp reductions for which he was awarded the Platinum Follicle Award in 1999 by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.  

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