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  • Wednesday May 24, 2006 | Posted in: Hair Transplant Surgeons

    Hair transplant surgeons – also called ‘Hair Restoration Surgeons’ – may possess varying skills and techniques and those are reflected in their medical routine and overall service.  The best Hair Transplant Surgeons are the ones who produce truly natural results. When done right, a hair replacement surgery can produce lifelong results that are so natural even hairstylists cannot detect them.

    When done right, hair restoration surgery, can restore a full and natural look in only one surgical session – almost always this is also regarded as ‘the best procedure’. Choosing the right procedure and the right hair transplant surgeon, however, is critical. There are several factors that prospective patients should consider when choosing the best hair transplant surgeon for their needs

    The initial step in searching for a good hair transplant surgeon is to consult with physicians whose specialty is performing hair transplants. While talking with these doctors, the prospective patient would do well to ask about credentials and academic degrees, the trainings they have undergone, as well as their experience in the field. It is also important for patients to find out whether the doctor they’re considering to operate on them is board-certified.

    For a clearer indication of the doctors’ proficiency in this rather delicate procedure, it would be a good idea to ask for a detailed explanation of the whole procedure. It is also ideal for a hair transplant surgeon to keep himself abreast with the latest technologies available.  Investments on resources such as equipment to do large sessions of micro follicular unit hair transplantation (one with a high-powered magnification with the capability of producing more than 2,000 carefully trimmed grafts per surgical session) are a plus. 

    Prospective patients could also get an idea what to expect out of a hair transplant procedure if they browse through photographs of former and current hair transplant clients

    Finally, patients should make certain that the hair transplant surgeon they choose is someone they’re comfortable with. That way, they can have that reassuring feeling that they will receive the best care possible before, during, and after the hair transplant procedure.

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