Letting go of 'love handles' through 'Lipodissolve'

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    Got 'love handles'? Sorry, but you cannot get away with that charming name. By any account, it is all but the rolls of fat showing through your shirt. Cosmetic surgery clinics are harping about a painless procedure that can bring back the smoother, firmer back and stomach of yore -- before "love" got in the way.

    The procedure is called 'lipodissolve'. It involves small injections of Phosphatidylcholine, which is the chief component of soy lecithin. One significant attribute of lecithin is its ability to break down fat.

    Through lipodissolve, bonds in fat cells are melted. Subsequently, the dissolved fat is liquefied and eliminated from the body in urine and feces. Injections of phosphatidylcholine are to be done in small distances apart and in small doses per treatment. The procedure has shown good results for minor to medium body sculpting of specific areas of the body like stomach area, upper arms, thighs, chin, hips, and so forth.

    Lipodissolve treatment is suitable, hence a preferred procedure for small area sculptures or as an option for patients who may be sensitive to invasive procedures. Lipodissolve is known to give excellent results on cellulite and smoothes the ‘orange peel’ effect. Unless there is new weight gain, the results remain permanent.

    In fat and cellulite reduction procedures, cosmetic surgeons in many countries have used lipodissolve as a safer alternative to surgical liposuction because the former do not destroy fat cells.

    Lipodissolve has been in the rounds of cosmetic surgery clinics for over 8 years now, and reports of adverse reactions are extremely rare. However, like all injectables, lipodissolve may cause allergic reactions or side effects in some people. Common side effects have been known to contain local pain, minor burning sensation for a few hours, tenderness and swelling of treated area for 48 hours and temporary bruising. In some patients, a few bumps under the skin may be felt, but should be dissolved within 2 weeks.

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