Liposuction for male breasts increased significantly

  • Tuesday February 27, 2007 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

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    Men are generally becoming figure-conscious now more than ever. Seeing your close buddy all geared up on his way to your nearest fitness gym, is one glaring evidence to that fact. That is why it also not surprising to know that men are becoming more comfortable getting plastic surgery makeovers to further enhance their looks.

    A report from the Daily Mail shows that about 177 men underwent to liposuction surgery last year to lessen the size of their breasts. This figure is three times the number reported in 2003. Men who want to hard-rock abs and well-defined chests sure do not want to see themselves sporting lady-like breasts. This explains why there is a sudden surge of men seeking plastic surgery help for their gynecomastia problems.

    Earth Times has more details on this.

    Plastic surgeon Adam Searle said the rise in the male liposuction is likely linked to increased fat brought about through female hormones accidentally added to Britain's waterways.

    Men come along and say, 'I am in the gym all the time. I have these lovely pecs but the fat on the side of the flank will not budge,' Searle said. Some feel the male breast can respond well to liposuction. With men adding to the total number of liposuction patients in Britain, a recent British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons report revealed the procedure is the nation's fasting growing medical practice.

    Cosmetic surgery has more reasons to stay, now that the once-indifferent group --- the male populace --- has finally given in to the call. It is now expected that the number of men who will undergo liposuction procedure this year will double, if not triple, that of last year.

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  • George Lindemann - March 3, 2007, 6:54 am PST

    Gynecomastia is really something that has become a big deal for men these days. Perhaps because men are more conscious now with their looks than years before.

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