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    • Californian plastic surgeon claims to reduce liposuction recovery time Wednesday October 4, 2006 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

      Surgeon Kenrick Spence, M.D. of California claims to have improved the liposuction recovery time through a process that reduces patient downtime, to include the duration of the surgical procedure.

      Calling the new process SculptEase, its major feature is the addition of surface vibration performed during the infusion process.  In a procedure known as PAL (power-assisted liposuction), Dr. Spence uses a vibrating, power-assisted cannula -- the wand that does the actual fat vacuuming under the skin.  It is the vibration that causes the infusion segment to go much faster.   

    • Preparations for a safe liposuction surgery Thursday August 10, 2006 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

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      Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that is popular with people from all walks of life. From famous celebrities to ordinary citizens, liposuction has become a household name for an excellent and effective body contouring procedure.

      Despite liposuction’s popularity and general safety, plastic surgeons don’t take the procedure lightly. Surgeons are fully aware that liposuction, like any other plastic surgery procedure, if done improperly, can cause major complications and even death. This is why appropriate measures and preparations have to be done prior to the operation.

    • The Inventor of the Tumescent Technique Revisited Thursday July 20, 2006 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

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      Twenty years ago, there came a pivotal point in the science of liposuction. It is no less than a feat, the kind not seen since liposuction was in its incepting stages back in the 1960’s.

      In 1985, the so-called tumescent technique was developed -- and liposuction is never the same again. Tumescent technique is remembered for forever raising the bar in safety by nullifying the use of general anesthesia for liposuction, which had otherwise notoriously made a killing for itself.

      Credit goes to Jeffrey Alan Klein, MD, who somehow believed that substantial aesthetic results could be attained sans the fatal risks. His invention has since grown to presently become the worldwide standard of care for patient safety during liposuction surgery.

    • La Vida of America‚Äôs Liposuction Fixation Tuesday July 18, 2006 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

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      While France was toying with the feasibility of a strident aesthetic procedure, the state of New Jersey was busy tending the gardens, not giving a hoot about shedding.  But Vida T. Vida, M.D. was determined to ruffle some feathers in her town, with the bravado of a saintly visionary armed with a world-shaking message.  

    • Spotlight: Liposuction Surgeons Wednesday May 24, 2006 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

      Getting a slim and fit body has never been so much easier than ever because of the presence of safe and advanced techniques employed in a body contouring procedure called liposuction. This procedure aims to get rid of stubborn, excess fats from specific areas of the body.

      People interested in liposuction need to be knowledgeable not only on the procedure they are about to undergo but on the specific plastic surgeon who is going to conduct the said procedure.

      It is needless to say that patients need to pick the right plastic surgeon to perform liposuction. Patients will most likely get the best results when they go to a board-certified liposuction surgeon. Doing this could spare the patient from any possible complications that may be incurred by irresponsible and incompetent surgeons.

    • Plump up deflating skin Friday April 25, 2008 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

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      It is common notion to attribute wrinkles to the effects of gravity. However, as doctors were doing animal research, they found out that the bigger culprit is loss of volume under the skin of the face. This means that our faces look older not so much because they are falling due to gravity, but because they are deflating.

      Research done by Dr. Joel Pessa of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, suggests that the human face is made up of several different compartments of fat that gain or lose volume during the different phases of life.

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