October 2006 Articles

    • Thread Lifts: next-best-thing to a facelift in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Never mind the It's a $3,000 investment, it is not one of the hottest fads in plastic surgery for nothing.  This cosmetic enhancement procedure promises to tailor out from the faces of women and men those unsightly jowls and pleats of laugh-lines -- in just a couple of hours.
      Thread Lift, a less invasive cosmetic face surgery, became a sensation when it first arrived in the plastic surgery clinics and happy faces are swearing that b they're the next-best-thing to a facelift.  

      The best candidates are persons who have thicker skin and darker complications.

    • Breast augmentation-expansion technique using adjustable breast implants in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      A large number of women who have had breast augmentation returned to plastic surgeons in order to change the implant size.  This is according to the conclusion of a three-year study following women with breast implants.     

      These women are confident enough to undergo a "retouch" because breast augmentation-expansion technique using adjustable breast implants is proven safe and effective.  The technique has also improved to involve a permanent saline expander.
      Choosing the expansion-augmentation technique allows the women to more easily alter her implants to a more desirable result.  In addition, with expansion-augmentation technique, the patient has the ability to adjust the final size post-operatively.

    • Muscular definition through High-definition LipoSelection in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      For want of those tight, flat abs, men and women go for intensive diet and workout regimens.  But at times efforts can be futile especially if the routines get tedious halfway through the exercise program.  We know not of one aiming only for a ‘three-pack abs’.     

      Women want to have definition or a two pack. They want a feminine, athletic look, so high-definition LipoSelection actually provides a solution for women to appear athletic, but not appear like men.

      A new plastic surgery technique called "LipoSelection" was invented because, for many people, owning that desirable abs can be impossible, elusive.      

    • What Lipo? -- Tumescent, Dry, Wet, Super Wet, PAL in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      There are various techniques for doing liposuction. Some techniques are now longer considered safe (Dry Technique), and some are recognized as worldwide standards of care (Tumescent Technique).

      Read on to check what all this famous “suction” is all about:  

      Tumescent Liposuction
      The word "tumescent" means swollen and firm. By injecting a large volume of very dilute lidocaine (local anesthetic) and epinephrine (capillary constrictor) into subcutaneous fat, the targeted tissue becomes swollen and firm, or tumescent. The tumescent technique is a method that provides local anesthesia to large volumes of subcutaneous fat and thus permits liposuction totally by local anesthesia.

    • Plastic surgery options after pregnancy and childbirth in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Becoming a mother doesn't mean one woman can't look as good or better than before pregnancy. Most women enjoy being pregnant and are happy to become mothers. But for some, the physical changes caused by pregnancy can take away some of the joy.

      Today, there are exciting options in plastic surgery to help one regain their npre-pregnancy form - or even improve on it.

      Here explained, not only how a woman’s body changes during and after pregnancy, but ways to counteract these changes that won't interrupt a woman’s busy lifestyle or compromise her privacy. You see, many cosmetic procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.

    • To lift thy thighs in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Thigh lift is a cosmetic enhancement procedure performed to remove excess, sagging skin and fat in the thigh area, to include portions of the buttock area.  

      To improve the thigh's overall appearance, liposuction is often performed along with the thigh lift.  Individuals who complain of excessive skin after a significant weight loss often seek thigh lift to tauten the affected area.        

      The procedure, which can last up to four hours, consists of incisions made on the upper and inner region of the thigh -- hidden in the groin crease, where excess fat and skin is removed.  The incisions can extend from the groin around the back.  However, plastic surgeons have devised newer procedures for inner thigh lifts.

    • Pushing for belly button plastic surgery in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      As a tethering point in the moving belly, navel attracts attention. The navel or belly button can be the focal point of the abdomen.  The beauty of one's navel is a matter of shape, depth and protrusion.  

      The exposed belly button concerns many especially if bikini bathing suits are a required wear. Also, summer clothing fashions, such as bare midriff, can reveal and expose.  Meanwhile, fashion and jewelry can emphasize the belly button – such is the advent of navel piercing (but that’s another story).
      “Ugly” belly button is not only a woman’s concern.  The male belly button can be exposed in certain sports, exercising, and recreational activities. For the aesthetic conscious, a distorted belly button can detract from a well-sculpted body.

    • This surgeon emphasizes the importance of the front hairline in: Hair Transplant Surgeons Tag(s):

      The importance of creating a natural front hairline cannot be over-emphasized. This one area of the transplant will be the overriding factor, above all others, by which you judge the quality of your hair transplant result.

      This is according to Dr. Michael Beehner, co-editor of the Hair Transplant Forum International, the principal journal of hair surgery in the world.  

      Dr. Beehner, a pioneer in the use of the "frontal forelock concept" for the extremely bald male cited 'Four Key Aspects' involved with creating the front hairline: The height of the hairline; The contour of the hairline; The "micro-contouring" of the hairline; and, The acute angling of hairs and the absence of “pitting”

    • Dr. Michael Sachs: Perfecting the Art and Science of Revision Rhinoplasty in: Rhinoplasty Surgeons Tag(s):

      Dr. Michael Sachs wrote the textbook Mastering Revision Rhinoplasty, hailed as the "atlas of revision rhinoplasty."  In the said work, the renowned Manhattan-based surgeon described the various rhinoplasty techniques he has invented and developed.

      Springer.com announced the release of the landmark textbook:  

      Mastering Revision Rhinoplasty demonstrates how to repair a previous surgery and perhaps just as importantly, how to modify and refine one’s primary rhinoplasty techniques in order to minimize the incidence of failed primary rhinoplasty.

    • Yes, they do that (and you will like): Fat Injection in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Bet we don’t know that body fat makes excellent soft tissue filler material.  Else, we really have no idea how can an unwanted fat be this useful.    

      Fat Injection procedure is known to diminish frown lines, crow's feet and smile lines (nasolabial folds).  It also provides definition to areas like the cheeks and chin and can be used to fill out depressed scarred areas on any part of the body.
      The procedure is natural and generally non-allergenic.  And because fat is from the patient’s own body, no pre-testing is required and the fat cannot be rejected

    • What gives? -- The Post Cosmetic Surgery Depression in: Tag(s):

      When, during the first few days after surgery, you begin to question if you ever should have had the plastic surgery in the first place -- to the point of being self-apologetic.  Or you begin to think you are 'ugly', still, and that the bruising and swelling will never go away.

      Fret and all, these are the times when you and cosmetic surgery patients all over experience fits of depression, marked sadness or anxiety in the recovery period.

      Many cosmetic surgery patients go through post-surgery depression, and the experts are saying that, in fact, this rather gloomy emotional condition is quite normal.  For one, revision surgery patients -- especially after their primary surgery turned out to be not as they thought it would be, feel miserable.  A person who just had liposuction may find herself bigger than she were pre-operatively.

    • When freckles get in the way in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      As a child we may have been told that freckles are angel kisses when in fact those little brown spots are merely patches or an unusually heavy deposit of the dark pigment called melanin -- the very component that actually protects our skin from the sun's damage by reflecting and absorbing ultraviolet (UV) rays.
      Freckles are flat, circular spots that develop randomly on the skin, especially after repeated exposure to sunlight and particularly in persons of fair complexion.  Regardless of skin color, it is the uneven distribution of the melanin pigment in the skin that results in freckling.  They are usually very small dots and are always darker than the skin around them varying from red, tan, light-brown, brown, or black.     

    • Options for Breast Asymmetry Surgery in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Breast asymmetry is often not discussed despite it being a relatively common condition suffered by many women.  The topic is balked at that many are unaware there are surgeries that can correct the problem.  
      A recent study presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Plastic Surgery 2006 conference in San Francisco noted that the embarrassment of having uneven breasts has affected the daily lives, sexuality and confidence of many women.  To some affected women it can be emotionally devastating.  

      All women have some degree of breast asymmetry.  The condition is labeled as ‘unpleasant’ when a woman's breasts noticeably differ in size or shape.  Breasts differing in even less than a half-cup size can be very obvious.  

    • Skin-refinishing treatment: Dermabrasion in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      The apperance of facial skin left scarred by accidents or previous surgery can be improved through Dermabrasion.  It is also sometimes used to remove the pre-cancerous growths called keratoses.  More commonly however, Dermabrasion is sought to treat deeper imperfections such as acne scars, remove freckles and to smoothen fine facial wrinkles, such as those around the mouth.

      The goal is to “refinish” the skin's top layers, which is achieved by softening the sharp edges of surface irregularities, giving the skin a smoother appearance.  Dermabrasion can be performed on small areas of skin or on the entire face.   

    • No excuse for looking older with Scarless Eyelid Surgery in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      This is a rather peculiar problem – you look tired but aren’t.  Even worse is you look older when in fact you are still thirtysomething.  

      So the “droopy eyes” is not a mesmerizing look after all.  When a person starts to look constantly tired and older than actually are – it’s usually in the eyes.  Sagging, baggy eyelids can obscure a person’s best stare, and it becomes unpleasant once the eyelids become more noticeable than the eyes.    

      There are cosmetic surgery clinics offering non-surgical lifting of the eyelids through radio frequency lifting.  But a way much younger appearance can be obtained through blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

    • The maximum benefit: Combined Cosmetic Procedures in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Because of a person’s desire for a ‘total makeover’ or one’s hectic schedule would dictate, “getting more done in one sitting” is a clamor of late of some persons contemplating on having cosmetic surgery.

      But ‘a number of surgeries performed together at one time on a person’ is not quite a fixated trend – not yet.  Patients cannot possibly demand as much as qualified cosmetic surgeons are not always recommending this rather nippy approach to improving one’s appearance.             

    • Banish loose skin through ‘Body Lift’ in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      What it is like for a slender person being forced to wear a flabbier person’s clothing – possibly for the rest of his or her life?  Such is the ‘loose skin’ – an ugly condition ‘worn’ by people who have lost significant weight, either through diet and exercise, or with help from a gastric bypass procedure.  As the pounds disappear, their body shrinks while their skin retains its stretched-out size.

      Loose skin is ‘ill-fitting’ as it is disfiguring.  Even awful than the person’s previous obese state, loose skin can be prone to odors or rashes, causing even more embarrassment.  Individuals who had experienced significant weight loss should realize that their skin would not shrink in proportion to their bodies.     

    • Correcting inverted nipples in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Nipple inversion is when the nipple grows inwards instead of out.  Around 2% of all women complain of this condition as ‘disfiguring’, to which the degree a nipple is inverted varies from "shy" to severely retracted.  Nipple inversion can be caused by congenital deformation, carcinoma or mammary duct ectasia with periductal fibrosis.  

      Nipples that have been inverted since birth or have become inverted due to breast-feeding can be corrected.  On certain cases, recurrence of nipple inversion after surgical repair or other trauma may be also repaired.

    • Californian plastic surgeon claims to reduce liposuction recovery time in: Liposuction Surgeons Tag(s):

      Surgeon Kenrick Spence, M.D. of California claims to have improved the liposuction recovery time through a process that reduces patient downtime, to include the duration of the surgical procedure.

      Calling the new process SculptEase, its major feature is the addition of surface vibration performed during the infusion process.  In a procedure known as PAL (power-assisted liposuction), Dr. Spence uses a vibrating, power-assisted cannula -- the wand that does the actual fat vacuuming under the skin.  It is the vibration that causes the infusion segment to go much faster.   

    • The wait for ‘hair cloning’ in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      In the thick of advancements about hair loss treatments, to include hair transplantation, hair grafting, and a host of new hair loss drugs came ‘hair cloning’, which actually first made its way in 2004 as a breakthrough cosmetic surgery news.

      Hair Cloning:

      Although that's what it's come to be called, the procedure is not exactly cloning.  Researchers working to perfect the new technique prefer the term “hair multiplication” or “follicular neogenesis.”

      The process involves a person's own DNA that's used to replicate and grow hair in a laboratory. The new hair is then transplanted to the patient's scalp.

      In this procedure a sample of hair follicle is obtained from donor and follicle-inducing cells are isolated and multiplied in lab and re-planted into the patient's scalp. By follicle cloning, with one hair-follicle hair specialists can create numerous identical hairs to cover scalp area to any extent, facilitating a dense hair growth.

      At present, 20,000 hairs is the maximum amount that can be discreetly taken from a donor site, but some patients may require up to 60,000 hairs to restore natural density. With follicle cloning, one hair has the potential to create numerous identical hairs to fill in any areas of thinning or balding.

      Relatedly, the website CloneMyHair.com reported about “bioengineering of new hair” --   
      Recent advances in epithelial stem cell biology have resulted in the isolation of hair follicle stem cells, which generate hair follicles when injected into immunodeficient mice. These isolated hair follicle epithelial stem cells must be combined with 'inductive' dermal cells to produce new hair follicles. The advent of techniques for cultivating inductive dermal cells and competent epithelial stem cells creates the opportunity to bioengineer hair follicles for the treatment of hair loss.

      Today, hair cloning is still regarded as an upcoming technology that “could change the pace of cosmetic enhancements.”  Experts at The New York University Medical Center expressed the same optimism: “There is no doubt it will be a tremendous breakthrough".  There have been so many remedies for hair loss that didn't pan out. This is one that really looks like it is going to happen…hair multiplication will be available for hair restoration in three or four years.”

      And few more years the balding among us waits, because although researchers have successfully cloned hairs in lab, they are still unable to sustain the hair growth for more than a growth cycle.  Even, according to Hair Restoration Specialists in Indianapolis, only about seven percent of cloned hair actually survives transplantation.

      Along with our anticipations, we have to consider that there are still potential downsides and questions that need to be answered. For one, this process may be expensive for the consumer. And not any sooner can this technology be widely available in the market because of the painstaking processes and specialized tools involved.


    • Limb-Lengthening. Interesting enough. in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Limb-lengthening surgery has been in the roundabouts of a few, highly equipped plastic surgery clinics since the late 1980s, yet we do not hear this procedure often like expansion-espousing procedures such as breast augmentation or rhinoplasty (nose surgery).  

      Interestingly enough, the term “limb-lengthening” sounds odd.  One would imagine that the legs are the last of the bone extremities to get major cosmetic repair by way of, what, extensions?  Even, it’s hard figuring out how ‘lengthening’ is possibly carried out without virtually maiming an abled person– or so.   

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