Plastic surgery cures migraine

  • Thursday July 10, 2008 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

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    There are millions of Americans who suffer from migraines. A lot of study has been put for its cure and findings pointed out that Botox can be used to treat it. However, it seems that British doctors are the ones who first implemented the concept in real life. British physicians claim that they now have a procedure that can stop the debilitating headaches.

    Dr. Thomas Muehlberger, a plastic surgeon, revealed that the key to treating migraine is through a removal of a muscle in the forehead to reduce frown lines.

    "We discovered that when taking out this particular muscle, there were over the years more and more patients who told us that, ‘By the way my migraine had improved,’" said Muehlberger.

    This particular muscle is called the corrugator muscle, which is located between the branches of a nerve. Doctors say that by taking out the muscle, pressure on the nerve is released, and with it the cause of the headaches.

    As good as this news might sound, the procedure is not for everyone. To test whether the patient is a good candidate, doctors first use Botox - another wrinkle fighter - to paralyze the muscle. The patient is observed in a couple of weeks. If migraine is relieved, he or she can undergo surgery.

    The treatment has been deemed effective according to small studies. Patients who benefited from it swore by the procedure. Migraines were completely gotten rid of.

    However, many experts aren't completely convinced. Some more tests need to be administered before they would actually believe the benefits. If more and more favorable results spring up from this procedure, then it is likely that the surgery will be used too in the United States.

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