Plastic Surgery Procedures: Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, etc.

    • Light Savers: Intense Pulse Light Photorejuvenation Friday December 22, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

      Intense Pulse Light Photorejuvenation (also called Photofacial) uses light energy to rejuvenate the skin.  Unlike chemical peels, IPL Photorejevenation has the unique capacity to treat multiple symptoms of aging skin on the entire face with each treatment session.  Among these problems are fine lines, broken blood vessels, pigment discoloration such as freckles and age spots, enlarged pores, coarse or rough skin, loss of skin tone and elasticity, and general sun damage.  The result is a youthful, sooth and revitalized facial appearance.  IPL has also been proven to improve rosecea or allergy-related skin rashes, and can also treat tell-tale signs of aging in the hands, chest and neck.  

      Unlike traditional lasers that burn off the skin’s top layer, non-ablative lasers target the middle layer of skin or the dermis where collagen is formed.  The light heats the small blood vessels just under the skin’s surface and causes the collagen forming cells and elastic-tissue to increase their activity.  Because of this, there is no downtime. 

    • The 'essential' plastic surgery: It pays to follow Friday December 15, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

      Ready for the 'pretty' scrub?

      Before going aboard on any plastic surgery journey err procedure, it pays to observe and follow some basic rules.  Read: basic is essential.  Though not for the most part of it, the complete, gratifying result could lie on putting the whole preparation in place – at least while you are still awake.

      First off, if you smoke park the puff for at least 2 weeks pre-op -- and anticipate no smoking for the recovery, smoking greatly increases your risk of complications.  

      Obtain a copy of your plastic surgeon’s protocol, which should include warnings like: Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications.  Your doctor can provide you with a list of OTC medications to avoid.

    • What to do with cheeks, chin and jaw? Friday December 15, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

      Chin Surgery
      To enhance a person's appearance, the plastic surgeon selects the proper size and shape of chin implant

      The implant will be inserted it into a pocket over the front of the jawbone.  To create the pocket, a small incision is made inside the mouth (along the lower lip) or in the skin just under the chin area.
      The procedure may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Thereafter, the chin is taped to minimize swelling and discomfort.  In five to seven days, sutures in the skin will be removed.  However, sutures will naturally dissolve if an intra-oral incision is used.  

    • The 'ugly', costly side to popular beauty treatments Friday December 15, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

      When acquiring beauty – or getting some more of it, always there is a high price to pay.  The price of course is the cost involved, that’s the so-called business sense.   But the other price is costlier and rather knows no tag price.  It goes by the name of "risk" or its ilk called "side effects."

      For a better, pretty appreciation, here's a quick roundup:
      Botox®, brand name for a form of botulism toxin is a popular treatment to smoothen out wrinkles.  The risks: Bruising, headaches, double vision or temporary drooping of the eyebrow or lid.  No pun but it is known to leave face expressionless.  Fifty units are usual in a session, it can have toxic effects if more than 2,000 units are injected.  

    • Getting a hand on 'hand rejuvenation' Saturday November 4, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

      Darkened spots or pigmentations, wrinkles, or that awful bony appearance is common of ageing hands.  In some cases, precancerous growths also appear.  With these conditions, hands can get unattractive compared to other parts of the body.  Too much sun exposure is largely to blame.

      The loss of fatty tissue can also result to sagging hands. In fact hands can present more signs of ageing especially if the pair is ‘overworked’ – that cannot be said for golfers and gardeners only, but for anybody.         

    • Smoothening facial lines and furrows using collagen Saturday November 4, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

      The problem is may be one or two of the following:

      Frown lines that run between the eyebrows, smoker's lines which are vertical lines on the mouth, marionette lines at the corner of the mouth, worry lines that run across the forehead, crow's feet at the corner of the eyes, deep smile lines that run from side of the nose to corners of the mouth, cheek depressions, some acne scars, and other facial scars (providing they don't have a sharp edge).

      Collagen replacement therapy, a safe, non-surgical procedure known to boost the skin's collagen can smoothen all the aforesaid forms of facial lines as well as improve the skin's contour and fill out depressions in the skin due to scars, injury or lines.

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