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  • Friday April 25, 2008 | Posted in: Liposuction Surgeons

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    It is common notion to attribute wrinkles to the effects of gravity. However, as doctors were doing animal research, they found out that the bigger culprit is loss of volume under the skin of the face. This means that our faces look older not so much because they are falling due to gravity, but because they are deflating.

    Research done by Dr. Joel Pessa of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, suggests that the human face is made up of several different compartments of fat that gain or lose volume during the different phases of life.

    Pessa stressed that by understanding the working of the fat tissues of the face, plastic surgeons can find a way to create the optical illusion of youth through injections of fat or filler substances into these precise compartments.

    One way to deal with this is through the use of the person’s own body fat. Stem cells from liposuction fat can be used to inject a gel of stem cells primed to produce fat into the face in their 20s or 30s so that they never lose fat and wrinkles and sagging can be prevented.

    Another way is through inserting pellets containing a growth factor. This growth factor is known as neuropeptide Y and it was first used under the skin of mice and monkeys. The researches were able to stimulate growth of fat deposits.

    This technique will be able to stimulate fat in deflated aging faces. And unlike fat transplants, which the body tends to reabsorb, these deposits should be permanent, because the growth factor helps the fat establish a blood supply and take hold.

    However, human trials are still not performed. But if this succeeds, a plastic surgeon could essential play sculptor with this stuff. It would just be like spackling under the skin. You could bring me in a picture of yourself at 20 and literally get a liquid facelift.

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