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  • Tuesday June 19, 2007 | Posted in: Breast Augmentation Surgeons

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    Many are generally obsessed with looking good these days. It seems that we have reached the point of our lives when looking good on the outside really matters as if our very lives depend on it. No wonder statistics from plastic surgery societies such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have shown that there has been a rapid growth in the number of individuals who are turning to cosmetic plastic surgery in order to enhance their looks.

    Among the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures of all time are those that enhance the appearance of the woman’s breasts. Indeed, breast surgeries are gaining a lot of popularity these days. In fact, breast augmentation topped the list of the most number of procedures performed in 2006. This proves that women on all walks of life really care about how they look like especially in their bikinis. They just couldn’t afford to look okay or fine anymore. They want to look damn sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. It seems that this has become the new trend nowadays.

    Moreover, women don’t stop at breast augmentation to improve the way they look. They also turn to breast lift surgery for their problems like sagging and drooping breasts. That is why Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Vitenas offers breast surgeries that clients will mostly likely request to have to give them the opportunity to look good and feel better about themselves.

    Aside from the breast augmentation, and breast lift surgeries, Dr. Vitenas also offers Houston breast reduction surgery for women who are quite burdened by the massive size of their breasts. Too much of something is bad enough, really. Overly large breasts can also cause problems so it is better to have them reduced in order to avoid certain complications.

    One important aspect of having breast surgeries, like breast lift, is achieving natural-looking results. Women want their fake boobs look natural. And that is the core goal of Dr. Vitenas’ practice.

    “Our focus in cosmetic surgery is dedicated to the fine art of achieving beautiful and natural appearing aesthetic results in the safest possible environment and with the greatest attention to personalized caring. We believe every patient is unique and requires a personalized plan to achieve their goals,” says Dr. Vitenas on his official site.

    Women all want to look their best and cosmetic breast surgery can help them achieve that. The important is for them to make a decision to enhance their looks and choose the right plastic surgeon to do the job.

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