Regulating plastic surgery

  • Thursday October 25, 2007 | Posted in: Facial Surgeons

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    Due to the increasing number of cases of botched plastic surgery procedures performed by non-surgeons, the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons might be pushed to regulate plastic surgery.

    Plastic surgeons in Ireland complain that the plastic surgery sector suffers from gross under-regulation. There have been a number of unregulated clinics operating and this has contributed to the increase of botched plastic surgery procedures at present.

    General physicians were setting up cosmetic surgery clinics and carrying out procedures --- something that only board-certified plastic surgeons must do. And the consequences of the situation are slowly aggravating. One top Dublin surgeon got concerned when he found himself required to operate on people bleeding badly because of botched procedures.

    Concerned plastic surgeons are actually planning to ask the European Commission to investigate on the matter across the union. They are also bent on recommending best practices that should be enforced in order to ensure the welfare of the patients.

    The Association of Plastic Surgeons is alarmed at the submissions given to the Medical Council. Some surgeons said that patients are being put at risk. Physicians who are not trained to perform plastic surgery operations are actually doing it in practice, and if this trend continues, people might eventually lose trust on the plastic surgery field itself.

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