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  • Thursday June 22, 2006 | Posted in: Rhinoplasty Surgeons

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    Rhinoplasty surgeons are plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty, the surgical procedure that changes the structure of the nose, either to enhance appearance or to correct a deformity or injury.

    Before making a decision to undergo rhinoplasty, it is absolutely essential for prospective patients to choose the right rhinoplasty surgeon that would help them understand rhinoplasty surgery, and determine whether they are suitable candidates for the procedure.

    When choosing a doctor to perform surgery on your nose, it is always a good idea to pick a board certified surgeon with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. A board certification also gives the patient the assurance that a rhinoplasty surgeon received his or her degree from a reputable medical school and has completed five years of additional residency.

    It is also wise to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who has already performed many rhinoplasty procedures. This is because surgeons with this kind of experience will have had more time to perfect their technique and results. More importantly, an experienced surgeon is often more adept at handling complications that may arise during surgery.

    Another important factor a prospective patient should also consider is the surgeon’s hospital privileges. Ideally, the surgeon should have privileges to perform rhinoplasty at an accredited hospital. This gives the patient an idea about the surgeon’s capabilities, as only doctors who have exhibited mastery of the procedure and have passed certain standards are granted such privileges by hospitals.

    It would definitely be a plus if the surgeon has had training in ear, nose, throat, and facial plastic surgery, but makes rhinoplasty a major part of his or her practice. And to get an initial idea how a particular surgeon’s work looks like, it would be useful to ask the surgeon for before and after photos of his or her previous patients.

    On top of all the rhinoplasty surgeon’s credentials, it would be great if he or she has wonderful “bedside manners”, as this helps build confidence in the patient, and helps them get comfortable with the procedure they are about to undergo.

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