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    • Fine suffering with 'spider veins'…until now in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Known in the medical world as telangiectasias or sunburst varicosities are clusters of red, blue or purple veins that are small, almost inconspicuous yet they rest close to the surface of the skin and can crowd nastily -- commonly on the thighs, calves and ankles -- and can turn unsightly by the day.  

      FYI:  Commonly called ‘spider veins’ because they may appear in a true spider shape with a group of veins radiating outward from a dark central point.  The condition is attributed to heredity, pregnancy, weight gain, and other events that cause hormonal shifts.  Activities or occupations that require prolonged sitting or standing and use of certain medications are also blamed.  Although these super-fine veins are connected with the larger venous system, they are not an essential part of it.


    • Those cellulites keep coming back in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      Cellulite, sometimes called the cottage cheese look, often shows up as dimpling on the skin.  The look of cellulite is actually a top layer of fat under the skin and can affect even in those who are fit.  It does not necessary diminish with weight loss and liposuction fails to address this unsightly skin condition.  
      A non-evasive technique called ‘Endermologie’ has been developed by French plastic surgeons to radically reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The procedure uses rollers that are rubbed over problem areas of the skin like a deep tissue massage.  At the same time, suction is used to redistribute the skin – this way the dimpling on the skin is eliminated.  

    • Amazing plastic surgeries through the “Keyhole” in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      In eyebrow lift or forehead lift, surgeons, applying the keyhole surgery, work under the skin through small incisions in the hairline and proceed to tighten the deep facial muscles and forehead tissues altering frown and drooping lines.  The old procedure would place incision from ear to ear across the top of the patient’s head.  

      Plastic surgeries performed through the "keyhole" – all taking place under the skin, are technically called endoscopic operations, or otherwise known as keyhole surgery.  In cosmetic enhancements, very small "keyhole" incisions are where surgical instruments, such as an endoscope, are inserted to assist in meticulous procedures.  

    • The classic facelift procedure gets a…yes, facelift in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      It is a facelift procedure, all right -- but where the now traditional facelifts focused on tightening the skin around the neck and jawline, a new trend among plastic surgeons focuses on the central part of the face, known as a mid-facelift technique.     

      With the classical facelift, a cosmetic surgeon starts the procedure with incisions around the ears and into the hair where the scar is hidden.  That technique did not do much to correct the fold of the mid-face around the nose, a crease known as the nasal furrow.  Mid-facelift is actually a lower eyelid tuck that is extended to the cheeks. Or precisely on a triangular area formed between the two corners of the eye and the corner of the mouth.  Go figure.

    • The nicest nose. It doesn’t stop there. in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

      The nicest nose -- your cosmetic surgeon will assure you that, or you couldn’t care less; because you are bent on possessing a slender celebrity-like nose and you’re dying to get one at any cost, in any way.  

      Now, should you have an open or closed rhinoplasty?  Which one is better?
      Yes, a nose job is not as simple as pinching the button slim and tight.  Remember, you own that nose.  You cannot leave everything to your plastic surgeon’s discretion.  At least you should know what is being ‘opened’, and how ‘close’ it can get.  

    • For health and comfort, reduce them breasts in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

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      If the pair causes skin irritation, back strain or breathing problems, it is likely that they are there hanging heavier than usual.  Having ample bosom is a desirable physical attribute, but when health is at risk, many women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery (Reduction Mammaplasty).  And because a breast reduction surgery is usually performed to promote health, in some instances the procedure can be covered under medical insurance.

    • Got questions to raise about hair transplant in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

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      We mentioned it here – that, medical hair transplants will exceed expectations in creating a natural and healthy-looking full head of hair that many have been looking forward to for years.  And then, we are being assured of excellent results from experienced and reputable hair restoration surgeons.

      Indeed, every now and then, good news about hair loss treatments comes along. In more ways, those success stories are true.  Still, like nasty falling hairs, some questions about hair transplant remain persistent.  To all the balding men (and women, too!) out there, there is no point delaying the asking – else, hasty falling hairs would beat them to it.

      To reiterate, an ideal candidate for hair transplant procedure is one who: Has healthy hair growth at the sides and back of the head to serve as ‘donor areas’; is self-conscious about his or her appearance; has realistic goals and expectations; and, has a good understanding of the procedure.  We are helping you with the latter, and so, “hair-raising,” if we may call -- yes, with sense of urgency, let us deal on the most pressing concerns about hair transplant:

      What are the uncertainties and risks?

    • Breast augmentation: Choosing the right type of implant in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

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      One's decision to go for breast augmentation is a major, bold step.  Noting that no two bodies are alike, it is just as important a decision for any conscious woman to consider the type of implant to be fitted to her bosom – one that matches her anatomy and the amount of tissue, among other factors.  The result of the breast augmentation surgery depends on how the implants are placed, but to a large degree, it is on the type of implant used.  

    • The destiny of a deteriorating face in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

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      You know who looks surprisingly amazing these days? Those society matrons and femme celebrities who are past the golden age yet looking ravishing as ever.  Blessed genes or bottles of vitamins, we surmise, and then we close in on one great possibility: the works of the reliable plastic surgery.  Can’t blame us, we’ve heard enough of nips and tucks, injections and implants and their ilk.        

    • Non-physicians perform facial cosmetic surgery in: Facial Surgeons Tag(s):

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      Spas and beauty parlors manned by those who might be improperly trained to do certain cosmetic surgery procedures at low costs are everywhere. You can see them in your local neighborhood attracting a few to several clients. More often than not, these non-physicians perform procedures such as laser hair removal, Botox injections, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels that are supposed to be handled by board-certified facial surgeons.

    • Dr. Dayan gives schools a lift in: Facial Surgeons Tag(s):

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      Chicago Tribune has an article that features Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan, one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. The writer talks about her appreciation of Dayan’s latest fundraising project.

      For $20, in the grand ballroom of the Chicago Ritz-Carlton on Sept. 28, I could get two cocktails and see live Botox treatments. Could use the latest technology to see what I'd look like after a face-lift. Learn which cosmetic fillers allow celebrities to fake their age. Discover which size and shape of breast implants are most appealing.

      And do it all for the children.

    • Dysmorphophobia kills in: Plastic Surgery Procedures Tag(s):

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      Dysmorphophobia has done it again.

      A 30-year old woman from Sanchung thought that her eyes are ugly. She underwent eyelid surgery. She didn’t like the result. She believed that her eyes were scaring the customers away from their breakfast shop. And one Tuesday morning, she committed suicide.

      The woman was struggling with the condition called dysmorphophobia, a mental disorder that causes patients to dislike their own bodies excessively. Taiwan Headlines tells the story:

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