The dangers of plastic surgery

  • Friday July 18, 2008 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

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    Plastic surgery is a major surgical procedure. With it, comes risk and complications at varying degrees. While the dangers are very small, still patients at consultations are informed about the nature of the surgery and the risks associated with it. Nobody should go to the operating room unaware of what he or she is getting into. To put simply, plastic surgery is a serious matter.

    A man named Joe Serio has proven once again that plastic surgery is indeed not a minor thing. He underwent rhinoplasty surgery, more commonly known as nose job, as it nearly cost him his life.

    Joe had brain damage. The physicians said that he had a stroke while under general anesthesia. Because of this, he lost his vision in his right eye.

    Joe didn’t think about having brain damage or getting blind when he decided to get a nose job. All he wanted was to improve the appearance of his nose by reshaping it surgically, but what happened was more than what he expected.

    Doctors stressed that what happened to Joe is a very rare condition. In fact, they claimed that such thing was unheard of. Generally, general anesthesia is safe, but somehow, in an unfortunate turn of events, Joe Serio suffered a serious consequence.

    Statistics show that plastic surgery has a mortality rate of one in 57,000 people. And there is only half a percent rate for serious complications. Still, patients need to be aware about the procedure they are about to undergo, and do their own research.

    Moreover, patients need to examine their surgeon’s reputation and expertise. The success or failure of the operation greatly lies on the hands of the plastic surgeon. Therefore, it is best that patients have to carefully choose who they want to hold the scalpel.

    Experts also warn patients about certain procedures that do not have FDA approval. Procedures like lipodissolve is still considered dangerous since the FDA refused to give its nod on its effectiveness and safety.

    Fortunately, Joe was able to recover from the tragedy and right now, he is even planning to go under the knife again. Only this time, he is more informed and he absolutely knows what he is getting into.

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