Tumescent Liposuction

  • Monday May 29, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

    After bagging the most-sought-after-procedure award in 2005, what’s next for liposuction? Another award for 2006? That is highly possible.

    Liposuction has been the crowd’s favorite cosmetic surgery procedure so far. This is a glaring indication of the high level of trust people give to the entire procedure starting from the surgeons specializing in it, the techniques, and the results that liposuction promises to its submissive clients.

    Liposuction has come a long way already. Through time, several techniques have flourished in order to give clients the best service and the best results possible. Tumescent liposuction, for instance, is one of them.

    Though it is still implementing the same principles of basic liposuction, tumescent liposuction employs a much safer method of removing excess fat through injection of large volumes of fluid that helps to loosen the fat cells and reduce bruising. This technique enables the cosmetic surgeon to remove large amounts of fat more uniformly with fewer skin irregularities, and less bruising and bleeding.

    Recovery issues in tumescent liposuction are generally patient-friendly. After the surgery, patients generally are spared from the discomfort caused by general anesthesia such as, nausea and grogginess. Patients are usually alert after the operation and they can actually have almost-normal mobility afterwards. In fact, patients can return to a desk-type job within 48 hours after the surgery, and can resume physical exercise after three to seven days.

    Though there are risks associated in any cosmetic surgery procedure, tumescent liposuction is extremely low risk when it is performed using local anesthesia in an outpatient setting. Moreover, it has no record of deaths and has fewer complications when strict tumescent guidelines are followed. Aside from that, patients are not limited to strict bed rest after surgery, which reduces the risk of clot formation in legs.

    More importantly, those who are planning to undergo tumescent liposuction; certain considerations have to be made. For the cosmetic surgery to be a lot safer and effective, choosing a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in liposuction is a crucial step to consider. This ensures that such surgeon knows what he is doing and he can provide the patient with important information regarding the procedure, its risks, its requirements, and other related matters.

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