Weight loss surgery risks

  • Wednesday July 26, 2006 | Posted in: Plastic Surgery Procedures

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    Also known as bariatric surgery or obesity surgery, weight loss surgery is considered to be quite a delicate procedure. It is a given fact that every procedure has its own set of risks and complications. However, bariatric surgery seems to get out of the threshold for tolerable risks.

    Ivanhoe Medical Breakthroughs recently featured an article about the risks associated with bariatric surgery.

    Most studies on complications due to this type of surgery have been limited to those that occur before hospital discharge, or at the most, up to 30 days after discharge. A new study extended the observation period up to 180 days, or six months, after hospital discharge. A review of insurance claims data reveals a large increase in post-surgical complications. The amount of patients that had to be readmitted to the hospital due to complications increased from 4.8 percent in the 30-day follow up to 7.2 percent in the 180-day follow up.

    This data reveals four out of every 10 obesity surgery patients develop a complication, such as a hernia, within six months of leaving the hospital.

    The article also mentioned the most common complications in bariatric surgery that the study found out. These include dumping syndrome such vomiting and diarrhea, anastomosis complications, abdominal hernias, infections, and pneumonia.

    It is then imperative that patients go to experienced doctors and that they know about the risks that present not only in bariatric surgery but also in any surgery that they want to go through. Furthermore, they can also choose other alternatives to bariatric surgery such as diet and exercise.

    Liposuction might also be a much better alternative to weight loss surgery, though it is not intended for such purpose. At least, it is a lot safer than trimming the digestive track, isn’t it?

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